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Defending my honour
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SR: Sheeba Regina View From The Palace
SR: Sheeba Regina

Saturday, 1 April 2006

A View From The Palace
Mood:  sad
Now Playing: Sorrow and tears
Topic: Heartbreak
Hi Everybun,
Things are black and empty at The Palace. Mommy Grayce has crossed the Bridge, the Black Rabbit came for Daddy's mate, and my mommy on Monday, March 27,2006.
We are beyond sad, and can only clutch each other for love and support.
Many PB hoomins and RIFRAF members have extended their hands and paws to ease our grief.Auntie Sue and Uncle Ed have been here, and are helping me and my daddy cope with the vast emptiness of our lives.
You Queen is busy with company, staying with her daddy (Peter), and misses her mommy-Grayce.She'll always be in mine and Daddy's heart. Must go now and tend to my daddy.
Eat well, play hard, and nap often.
Sheeba, Queen of Her Realm and All Who Reside Therein

(ps-please pray for my mommy Grayce every night).

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Saturday, 18 February 2006

SR : Sheeba Regina
Mood:  cheeky
Now Playing: A View From The Palace
Topic: Under My Paw
My my my but it's been a long time since I've taken pen in paw to speak! A Queen is so busy, that times seems to fly by! Well...I'm back!
Da hoomin had to undergo some rigorous re-training a couple of months ago, he actually thought (in the limited way hoomins can think that is) HE was going to control raisin distribution! If dat wasn't nervy enough...he CONFINED me to da bedroom one night! Oh he claims it was an accident (THUMP)- accident my fluffy butt! There was no litterbox, no water, and mommy slave was sleeping! Your Queen was one angry bunny, I did get even though, da daddy slave needed an attytude 'justment.
Sooooo.....I soaked his pillow, and a day later soaked HIS side ob da bed. He got da message...kind of. Can somebun tell me why dese hoomins tink dey are so smart? He actually thought dat by MAKING ME WAIT for da raisins at night, while he put dem in his hand...he'd solve da "bunny paw in da face problem"! It was not a problem; I simply like to place my paws on his face, and stuff dem in his mouth while waiting for my tweets! What's da problem dere??? Anyway, dere he his undies...dissin' me wit his back to me (gibbin ME da RHB)...makin' me wait while he transferred da raisins in his hand. I tracked his rather large behind (giggle), leaned forward, and CHOMP! Bit him good! You should hab seen him jump bwahahahahahahah!
Da yell eben woke up da mommy slabe, and she wasn't berry happy 'bout all his noise!
Tings are back to normal now; da slabe knows his place, I have a new soft bedspread to rest on, and daddy slabe got me a new comb (I love it when he gently combs out my fur at night).
I've got plans for tonight; going to visit Casper and the rest ob da Haven Heathens.In da meantime, remember:
Play hard, eat well, and nap often!
Sheeba:Queen of Her Domain And All Who Reside Therein

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Updated: Saturday, 18 February 2006 3:25 PM EST

Tuesday, 2 August 2005

Mood:  amorous
Now Playing: A new begining
Topic: I'm Loved
Dear fellow Rabbit and slaves:Greetings my beloved subjects!
As most of you know, this past weekend was the wedding of myself and the dashing, dapper, and handsome Casper Mort. Well we kind of Wedd I should say. You see, we decided to skip the paper part and right to the bunnymoon! I'll not kiss and tell but I must say; that Casper really rocked my world!
The festivities took place at the Critter Haven Farm, which is owned by my mother-in-law's mother!There was plenty of bunny salad and treats served, and of course many Rabbits in attendance. Many hoomins were also there serving there rightful masters.
I've used my considerable bunny mind control and my slaves are committed to moving near my Bunloved, Casper.
Happy Happy Happy!
Play hard, eat well, and nap often!
Sheeba-Loved by Casper and still Queen of her Domain

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Updated: Tuesday, 2 August 2005 6:54 PM EDT

Sunday, 15 May 2005

SR : Sheeba Regina
Mood:  incredulous
Now Playing: View From The Palace
Topic: Defending my honour
What a day this has been! Today your Queen was accosted by some little upstart! This young buck-this whippersnapper-attempted to take advantage of me, can you imagine!Why the very temerity of that knave demanding sexual favors: who does he think he is-Casper?!
Here's what happened. I was in a run all to myself at a big bunny and bunny slave meeting, happily munching some hay and greens. Once in a while a strange hoomin would come by to respectfully worship me, I was ok with that.
Suddenly, this little hoomin comes by and puts another bunny in the run with me. Now dat was alright, I'm willing to share. But...before I knew it,without so much as a "how da'ya do", he starts humping me!!!Well THIS bun knows how to defend herself. I grabbed him (bit actually) by the scruff of his neck, and hurled him as if he were a wicker basket! Than I humped HIM-vigorously at that! Well, my daddy slabe had to climb into the run to pull me off the offensive one. The slabe thought that 2 lousy raisins would solve the problem. Not by a long shot. No way: I'm a Queen and have my diggity! I circled 'round my would be attacker: " Slowly I turned, step by step, inch by inch; 'till he could feel my hot breath on his tail. Then I jumped and humped, and humped him some more, 'round and 'round he looked-but there was no door". Good thing for him that my slave -once again-pulled me off of him. I don't know that bun's name-so I'll call him Mendacity!
The rest of the meeting was a pleasure. I got all kinds of treats, and lots of attention. Only thing is, my Aunt Debbie told my slabe to cut back on my raisins, said I was getting chunky! Hmmph. I'm not chunky, I'm solidly built-like Casper and Wally!
That's all for now, must get loving and attention now from daddy slave. And remember:
Play hard, eat well, and nap often.
Sheeba, Queen Of Her Realm And All Who Reside Therein

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Updated: Sunday, 15 May 2005 8:07 PM EDT

Monday, 18 April 2005

SR : Sheeba Regina
Mood:  spacey
Now Playing: View From The Palace
Topic: Slave Report
Hello my fellow bunnies; what a long strange trip it's been! My daddy slave, Peter, has been very sick over the past couple of months, and da mama slave, Grayce, and me have been taking care of him. Boy is he ever a handful!
He had dat bad disease called cancer, but da hoomin V-E-T cut it out of him. It was da second time he's had dat nasty disease, and I tink dat dey are not ready for him at da bridge yet, he has too much to do on this side. You see, my daddy used to be a not very nice man, although that was many years ago. I'm tinkin dat perhaps he has much to atone for. Also and eben more impawtant; he has me-Sheeba da Queen to take care ob, and many udder bunnies to love as well. I've put my paws together in prayer, and pray for daddy to get well soon.
One thing dat really helps is all ob da kind words, calls, and cards he has received. There have been so many that I can't remember dem all. The Ritchie warren sent daddy some wonderful candy and me some craisins, SA sent a card warning daddy to get well and take care of me...or else. Debi,Kathy,Rhonda,the Redmans, so many people care about my slave; dis Queen loves you all for your kindnessAlot of birthdays and gotcha days have passed without a word from me; I'm sorry about that, as my slave improves, he'll do better.
I'm counting down the days to the PB get together and marraige to Casper.Must go now, my Bunny mind control is slipping cause Mr. Pain is starting to bother daddy again. Love to you all.
Play hard, eat well, and nap often.
Sheeba Queen Of Her Realm And All Who Reside Therein

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Updated: Monday, 18 April 2005 2:10 PM EDT

Monday, 4 April 2005

SR : Sheeba Regina
Mood:  hug me
Now Playing: View From The Palace
Topic: My slabe is broke
Oh my friends what a night this is; I sit by my daddy slabe-Peter-, watching him do my bidding on da keyboard, and I know I'm gonna miss him while he's at the V-E-T-s. I hab to take care ob my mommy, and now I hear a neighboring hoomin will be droping by to visit wit me. He's going to make sure I eat right, and get my treats, and bestest ob all: he weally wikes to play wit bunnies-he unnerstans us!
So my subjectes, all I can tell you is the truth; I lub my hoomins, and I'm worried bout dem too. Daddy says he'll be back by Friday, I'll hold down da Queendom!
I just can't really talk to you udder buns tonight as I would normally, it's just that even using my bunny mind control on Peter to get him to type this, is sapping all ob my mental powers. Daddy has too many drugs and he's getting too sleepy to do much of anything. I tink I'll herd him into bed, he needs his sleep (he has to be up early).
So remember my fellow subjects:
Play hard, eat well, and nap often.
Sheeba Queen Of Her Realm And All Who Reside Therein

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Monday, 14 March 2005

SR : Sheeba Regina
Mood:  chillin'
Now Playing: View From The Palace
Topic: Yo-yos
Greetings my fellow bunnys- it's gud to be back(on da blog). Due to cicumstances beyond my bunny mind control, I've been absent frum dese pages. My hoomin is kind ob broke, and has been a source of worry to me. Oh don't misunnerstan-I don't view him as a burden or anyting, but I've had my paws full takin care ob my slabes. Lucky fur all ob us, da many buns and slabes ob PetBunny hab come through, and helped my daddy feel beddar-THANK YOU EVERYBUNNY ANA EVERYBODY ! I hab also noticed da speshul page bout mine and Casper's wedding. Between da wedding and life here wit da slabes, yu can unnerstan why I've not "spoken to you all" here on dese pages. Dere is much goin on here in da Realm, and I can't really discuss it ...yet. So pwease excuse dis VERY shot entry, I'll be back shortly-tomorrow I'm tinkin. So until then: Play hard, eat well, and nap often. Sheeba Queen Of Her Realm And All Who Reside Therein

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Friday, 25 February 2005

SR : Sheeba Regina
Mood:  happy
Now Playing: View From The Palace
Topic: Wedding Bells Are Ringing
My dear subjects: What cheer! What good news I share with you all this day!! I, Sheeba Da Queen Levy shall enter da state ob bunny mattrymoni with that well known bunny Casper Mort! Casper is what I refer to as a Rabbit's Rabbit. Brave-he's treed a UPS delivery man,and an electrician. He frightens cats, dogs cower in his magnificent presence! Anudder side ob Casper (besides his beeootiful white coat)is his heightened sense ob wesponsibility. He has waised 2 litters ob kits, while being da daddy ob only one!He has gweat heart: he's lost more den his share ob bud bunnys to da Black Rabbit-but he didn't let go-he's always hung in dere fur da sake ob da kits, his harem, and his slabe. Casper guards da home frum unwanted intwuders (yet he knows how to get dem tweets frum dose he permits to enter, which he shares wit da kits!!). Casper is also quite da lubber (blush), as I and any number ob gurl buns can attest (or confess). Casper, soon to be Prince Casper Da Randy, as my royal consort shall share my realm (I call it my Queendom). Casper is my King ob Hearts. Oh-hab I mentioed how clever and witty he is? Before Casper came into my life, while I had my hoomins, dere was sumthin missin'.Casper has filled that empty hole in my heart. Casper deer,you are da lub ob my life and da star ob my dweems. Ebryday I hop to da puter, hoping to read your posts; I hang on to ebry word you write. I lub you frum your cute kissable wittle ears, down to the paws at the end of your strwong sturdy legs. Your beeootiful ruby eyes sears me to my soul. When you hold me in your paws and I bury my nose in your pink neck, I find myself intoxykated wit yore fwaewence. Casper my beloved, our marriage will be one fur da ages. To my subjects-now you see how it is, and ob course you're all invited to da festibities. Casper and I wood wike to ask all buns interwested, to lend a paw wit ideas. Play hard, eat well, and nap often. Sheeba Queen Of Her Realm And All Who Reside Therein

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Sunday, 20 February 2005

SR : Sheeba Regina
Mood:  cheeky
Now Playing: View From The Palace
Topic: Perfection reflections
Greetings my subjects! We rabbits hab much wesponsibility as da most tellygent cweetures on da pwanet.Da hoomins fink dey are cause dey hab dis opposing thumb/forefinger tingy&dere ability to make a bunch ob noise. I hab written about dat before, but it bears repeatin. Ya see: to some species much is gibben, to udders much is expected,but our species (lagomorpha) has a rondayvu wit destiny (dats a paraphrase frum a speech written by a famous dawg named Fala, for a his hoomin-a leader ob udder hoomins). Now you may ask wot is da point ob all dis tawkin? I'll tell you; it has to do wit sumfing called purfekshun. What is purfekshun? Well it's many tings to many species. As usual, da hoomins hab it all screwed up. Dey are unner da impwesshun dat unwess ebryting happens da way dey thought it wood, zackly as dey planned it,den dey hab failed-hab screwed up. Isn't dat sad my friends? No bunny has total controlob ebryting all ob da time!Lemmie ask you; how many ob you hab dropped a pooty (by accydint)when runnun da bunny 500? Ebber gwab a tweet and run off off wit it, only to discober dat you've dwopped it somewhere along da line? Ebber been weally so angry wit your noncompwient slabe (like Lynn Ritchie) dat you were weddy to punish him/her, when sumfing comes ober you so dat when da lowly slabe appears, yore heart melts and you say awww, come here wittle hoomin and yu may gimmie a kissy? I'll answer dat. we all hab, eben me, Sheeba yore Queen! Do you wealize dat hoomins hab yet to unnerstan dis? Dey stribe fur purfekshun-wot a waste ob time (dey should be impwoving dere skills at serbing us). Hoomins get all stwessed out-eben da best ob dem. I ask you, my subjects- to use yore bunny mind contwol to impwint dis impawtent idea into their wittle developing minds: " Hoomins pwoposes, but da bunnys disposes ". Your Queen must bid yu good evening now, as she must meet wit members ob RIFRAF to deal wit a revolting slabe in Canada.Tings might get nasty,be pwepared. Eat well, play hard, and nap often. Sheeba Queen Ob Her Realm And All Who Reside Therein.

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Wednesday, 16 February 2005

SR : Sheeba Regina
Mood:  crushed out
Now Playing: View From The Palace
Topic: Love is in the air
My dear subjects, friends, and other assorted readers, As you know, I'm very much taken with Casper (Mr. Smooth) Mort.Well now I'm makin it fishul-your Queen has proposed to Casper! In a post on PetBunny, I've asked him to elope wit me during da PetBunny East Coast Get together. I'm hoping dat a member ob da Harper warren will offishyate. Ob course dis depends on whether or not Casper accepts. I'm tinkin he will-I DO hab my ways! Let's see a bachler and bachlorette pawty, my bun ob honor and his bun ob honor- perhaps we should just forget dat elopment ting and do it right! We'll be wed at Criss's moms house. Den we'll hab da bunnymoon (sigh). I need a wedding planner...hmmm perhaps one ob da Divas wood be willin? So much to plan so much to do! Oh wook at wot dat Casper has done to me! I, Sheeba da Queen hab thrown myself at his paws (cute furry paws at dat). I must twy to calm down a bit-furst I must hear from my dear Casper. Let's see, where shall I register? Oh joy oh happiness Binky Binky Binky!!! Gotta go now-toodles:-) Play hard, eat well, and nap often. Sheeba Queen Ob Her Realm And All Who Reside Therein

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